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Oooo, this is a yummy story! You look killer in orange, too.

One of the reasons I'm in theater is that I'm frequently being invited or pushed across my own personal boundaries. I've played psychotic killers, teenage boy rockstars, weak and feeble women, people who fall in love on the spot in front of everybody. It remains a wobbly and frightening experience.

It's also given me new images for God. One of my new favourites is a picture of God as a sort of dark, subterranian ooze, like raw oil, that moves mysteriously in the dark under the ground and then bubbles up messily, catching fire and engulfing everything around it in flames. Usually this happens in an unexpected and inconvenient way. That's the God I try to pray to before I go on stage.

Emily Scott

Lord, Lizzie, that's gorgeous! I love how these images of God take different forms in different seasons of our lives...keep telling us what images you're playing with!

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