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I'm sorry to hear about Peter

Betsy Voelker

(sorry, that was me)

Emily Scott

Thanks Betsy darling. He was a sweet little bun!

Shannon Holman

You've reminded me of so much: how it was to go to my sister's house to pick out the clothes for her casket and see the outline of her body on the bed-covers she'd neglected to smooth that morning; a little rabbit I once had who'd nestle in the hollow of my neck and thump his panicky heart, until he was accidentally drowned by an eyedropper of milk; another rabbit who survived long enough to outgrow us, was released, and for years after would come back at dusk to watch us from the limn between the wild and the yard; and a poem Debbie sent me the other day, which I'll send you by email.

Emily Scott

Thank you Shannon. What memories.

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