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Great sermon, Emily! We were just talking about this today in our Bible Study (as an aside, since we are studying Hebrews!).


Excellent sermon! I've been enjoying your posts - sorry not to have commented earlier. I went to SLC and heard of you and St. Lydia's while there. I love the idea of a dinner church, and it sounds like you have a lovely one. This sermon in particular reminded me of an oral history project on belief and experience that I conducted with SLC students of different faiths/views. Still sorting out how to 'present' the results, but it was definitely a moving experience and renewed my respect and passion for storytelling -- and listening!

Peace to you and your church!

Emily Scott

Another SLC-er! How wonderful! Your research sounds fascinating...and based on my experience at SLC, the "presentation" will sort itself out! I never knew how all the research I did on early Christian practices would work itself into my work, and now, here at am!

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