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Thank you for this. I found it deeply moving. And in a very succint, yet revealing way, you've more or less articulated how I see "the world" these days.

The events of recent weeks have led me to conclude that beyond all of our complicated discussions and our subjective filters, there lies a simple concept, which is that in each and every moment we are asked to make a choice. It is a choice between hope, love, and community; and fear and aggression. And we so often, we make the wrong choice.

On a related note, I've only recently stumbled upon your sermons and I have been really enjoying them. There's a long story . . . but the short version is that thanks to Paul Knitter, Paul Tillich, Marcus Borg, Meister Eckhart and some others I've sort of challenged myself to reembrace and reimagine my "Christian" path. To quote Knitter, "without Buddha I could not be a Christian." But as it turns out, I'm also getting a lot of help from people like you. So thank you.

Emily Scott

Dear D,

I'm glad you've stumbled across the sermons, and even more glad that they are reaching you in some way, or expressing something you're exploring. Do keep reading, and learning, and discerning, and I'll do my best to keep writing.

And thank you for taking the time to comment here. It means a great deal.



And I have no idea why my name posted as "D." Perhaps the "D" was is for "divine" or "dialectical theism" - either way, I suspect intervention.


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